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Cream Cheese Bun Hattendo Café Hong Kong


Come and discover the launch of our Cream Cheese Bun at Hattendo Café Hong Kong for the opening of their new shop since December 2019. Our Chef François Galtier and Hattendo have worked hand in hand to develop new and even tastier recipes.


Hattendo café has a very long history, this famous brand with its headquarters in Japan is particularly well known for its signature product the Bun.


This brand and the quality of its flagship products, such as Cream Cheese Bun, have earned it a good reputation and high profile among food industry professionals and BAPAs in China.

For these reasons, Candia Professional and François Galtier have collaborated with their official Asian subsidiary authorized to HK for co-branding by launching Cream Cheese Bun.




Hattendo’s Cream Buns are incredibly light, soft and fresh. Made from high quality ingredients, these buns are irresistibly delicious and airy thanks to the perfect union of the light, fresh cream inside the fresh, soft bread.


This classic, which has made Hattendo legendary popularity, has been reworked by our Chef François Galtier to develop two recipes with exclusive toppings, Vanilla and Mango Flavour.




If you are curious about our Cream Cheese Buns, you can find these two recipes available for sale at Hattendo KH since December 2019.



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