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Funny Exotic Pie

François Galtier

By François Galtier


Reconstituted crumble

  • Baked Crumble 600g
  • Candia Professional Incorporation Butter 160g

Cream cheese biscuit

  • Candia Professional Cream Cheese 350g
  • Whole Milk 75g
  • Flour 120g
  • Egg Yolk 120g
  • Egg White 180g
  • Sugar 140g
  • Passion Fruit Puree 50g

Exotic creamy

  • Passion Fruit Puree 100g
  • Gelatin Mass (1/5) 45g
  • White Chocolate 30% 350g
  • Candia Professional Incorporation Butter 170g
  • Mango Puree 350g

Cream cheese chantilly

  • Candia Professional Whipping Cream 100g
  • Sugar 100g
  • Gelatin Mass (1/5) 45g
  • Candia Professional Cream Cheese 300g
  • Lemon zest 1 piece
  • Candia Professional Whipping Cream 500g

Cream cheese sponge cake

  • Candia Professional Cream Cheese 50g
  • Egg White 25g
  • Egg White 50g
  • Sugar 25g
  • Titanium Dioxide 2g
  • Flour 25g
  • Almond Powder 25g
  • Baking Powder 5g

Reconstituted crumble

  • Mix crumble with melted Candia Professional Incorporation Butter and press well a layer into a ring.
  • Bake approximatively 18 min at 160°C.

Cream Cheese biscuit

  • Mix first milk, egg yolk and flour, then add this preparation to the cream cheese using whisk, to make it softer.
  • In the same time, whipt egg white with half of the sugar, when you get enough volume add the rest of sugar.
  • Whipt until you get soft meringue, and mix delicately with the cheese preparation, and the passion puree.
  • Preheat the ventilated oven at 160°C and bake around 40 min at 100°C.

Exotic creamy

  • Warm up Passion puree with gelatin mass, and pour on chocolate. Mix with Candia Professional Incorporation Butter and add at the end the mango puree.
  • Let crystalize in the fridge.

Cream cheese chantilly

  • Warm up first cream and sugar and pour on gelatin mass. Mix with Candia Professional Cream Cheese and zest, and add liquid fresh Candia Professional Whipping Cream at the end.
  • Let cooling down in the fridge for few hours, and whip the quantity you need in the last time.

Cream cheese sponge cake

  • Mix first cream cheese with first part of egg white.
  • In the same time, whipt the second egg white with sugar and titanium in meringue.
  • Mix delicately the 2 preparations a little and add all the powders.
  • Fill half of plastic or paper cup, and bake around 40 seconds in microwave full power. Let cooling down upside down.

Serving and presentation

  • On the base of crumble and biscuit, pipe spots of cream cheese Chantilly, then of exotic creamy.
  • Decorate with some pieces of cream cheese sponge cake, some beetroot germs, and a band of modeling chocolate on the side, playing with green and yellow color.

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