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82% FAT


SHELF LIFE | 6 months chilled or 12 months frozen

Produced with creams from Brittany, Candia Professional Brittany Incorporation Butter is perfect to add authenticity to any applications.

Key Technical Benefits

  • Made in Brittany, a region of France which has a long standing tradition with buttery recipes
  • Produced exclusively by churning creams from milk collected in the green scenery of Brittany
  • Adds an authentic and delightful butter flavor to any recipes, either sweet or savory
  • The 10Kg format is perfect for users handling big quantities

Candia Professional complete and technical range is the combination of our passion and savoir-faire.
Collected from our cooperative Sodiaal, the milk we use makes the excellent quality and distinctive taste of our products. We strive to nourrish people in a better way.

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