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François Galtier

By François Galtier


Sugar dough

  • Flour 500 g
  • Icing Sugar 200 g
  • Almond Powder 70 g
  • Sea Salt 2 g
  • Candia Professional Incorporation Butter 300 g
  • Eggs 100 g

Blueberry coulis

  • Blueberry Puree 400 g
  • Black Currant Puree 100 g
  • Sugar 50 g
  • Gelatin Mass (1/5) 60 g

Cream cheese chantilly

  • Candia Professional Whipping Cream 100 g
  • Sugar 100 g
  • Gelatin Mass (1/5) 45 g
  • Candia Professional Cream Cheese 300 g
  • Vanilla Bean 1 pièce
  • Candia Professional Whipping Cream 500 g

Blueberry spherification

  • Blueberry Puree 280 g
  • Water 60 g
  • Honey 30 g
  • Carrageenan Iota 1,5 g
  • Hot Concentrate Glaze 300 g
  • Water 210 g
  • Blue Metallic Color in Powder 2 g


  • Fresh Blueberry SQ
  • Muesli SQ

Sugar dough

  • Mix all powders with Candia Professional Incorporation Butter in cubes until sanded aspect of the powder without any pieces of butter.
  • Add eggs and link the powders, let cooling down in the fridge.
  • Roll to 4 mm thickness, cut discs of the same size of the glass, and bake 160°C around 18 min.

Blueberry coulis

  • Warm up black currant puree with sugar and gelatin mass, mix with blueberry puree.
  • Pour in half sphere insert silicon mold and freeze.

Cream cheese chantilly

  • Warm up first Candia Professional Whipping Cream and sugar and pour on gelatin mass.
  • Mix with Candia Professional Cream Cheese and vanilla pulp, and add liquid fresh cream at the end.
  • Let cooling down in the fridge for few hours, and whipt the quantity you need in the last time.

Blueberry spherification

  • Blend the puree with water, honey and carrageenan iota, and fill small half spheres silicon mold. Freeze.
  • For the skin of the spherification, boil the hot concentrate glaze with water and color, and deep the frozen half sphere with a toothpick into the warm jelly.
  • Place directly on the right place on the dessert and let defreeze.


  • Use directly as a topping.

Serving and presentation

  • Pipe one drop of Chantilly on top of the sugar dough, decorate with a little of muesli, and let set a little.
  • Turn upside down the sugar dough with Chantilly, into the glass.
  • Fix with a small drop of Chantilly the frozen blueberry coulis half sphere, and pipe a ball of Chantilly to cover this coulis.
  • Decorate with a disc of white chocolate, and place the blueberry spherification on top.
  • Decorate on the side of the Chantilly with some fresh blueberry and some muesli from the topping.

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