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Blossom Tartlet

Johanna le Pape

By Johanna le Pape



  • Candia Professional Extra Taste Butter 200g
  • Icing sugar 120g
  • Almond powder 72g
  • Egg yolk 144g
  • Sea salt flower 4g
  • Vanilla bean 1
  • Corn flour 200g
  • Rice flour 200g

Pineapple. coriander. lime confit

  • Candia Professional Extra Taste Butter 100g
  • Pineapple 1kg
  • Pineapple puree 250g
  • Coriander 5g
  • Lime zest 1
  • Sugar 40g
  • Pectine Extra Slow set 10g

Coriander. lime ganache

  • Candia Professional Whipping Cream 225g
  • Coriander 4g
  • Lime 1
  • Salt 2g
  • Gelatine mass 15g
  • White chocolate 320g
  • Candia Professional Whipping Cream 600g

Vegetal jelly

  • Water 500g
  • Sugar 50g
  • Vegetal jelly 24g

Coriander Chantilly

  • Candia Professional Whipping Cream 500g
  • Sugar 50g
  • Coriander 10g

Yellow chocolate spray

  • Cacao butter 250g
  • Yellow powder 15g


  • Mix the Candia Professionnel Extra Taste butter with the icing sugar.
  • Add the almond powder then egg yolk, the sea salt flower, the vanilla bean, the cornflour, the rice flour.

Pineapple. coriander. lime confit

  • Wash, peel and cut the pineapples into a brunoise.
  • In a pot, realise a “beurre noisette”, add the pineapple brunoise and roasted them for 1min.
  • Mix the coriander, the lime zest, the pineapple puree and add to the brunoise.
  • Mix the sugar and pectine. Add the fruit and bring to boil. Pour over the mould and freeze.

Coriander. lime ganache

  • Heat Candia Professionnel Whipping Cream, coriander, lime and salt. Bring to boil and let infuse. Sift, heat again and out of the heat add the gelatine.
  • Melt and pour into the white chocolate. Add the 600g Candia Professionnel Whipping Cream.
  • Mix and sift. Refrigerate 24 hours and whip when you are ready to serve.

Vegetal jelly

  • Make a syrup with the water, sugar and jelly. Bring to boil. Pour over the mould.

Coriander chantilly

  • Let infuse the coriander with the Candia Professionnel Whipping Cream and the sugar for 1 hour. Sift and whip as you need.

Yellow chocolate spray

  • Melt the cacao butter, add the yellow powder and mix together. Sift and keep in a proofer.

Serving and presentation

  • Whip the ganache and pipe half mould. Place the insert of vegetal jelly then the pineapple and coriander and finish with the ganache.
  • Freeze, unmold and spray with the yellow chocolate.
  • Place on the shortcrust.
  • Decorate with the coriander Chantilly and the white chocolate

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