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Candia Professional partners up with awarded French Chefs who received the best culinary education and who are known for their mastering of complex techniques and bottomless creativity.

Eager to share their knowledge and expertise, our brand ambassadors Johanna LE PAPE, François GALTIER, Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER, Stéphane VIEUX and Baptiste VILLEFRANQUE worked with us to develop our product range and to concoct breath-taking recipes.

Meet Johanna LE PAPE

Highly talented and dedicated to her craft, Johanna Le Pape is one of the most promising pastry chefs in the world of gastronomy and she can prove it with her title of World Champion of Pastry won at the “Mondial des Arts Sucrés” (International Confectionery Art Competition) in 2014 in Paris.

After having studied at the Superior National School of Pastry (ENSP), she gained crucial experience and worked for the most renowned gastronomic restaurants in Paris: “Le Meurice Palace” hotel (Michelin 3-starred restaurant) and “Lutetia hotel ****” (Michelin,1-starred restaurant). In 2014, Pastry Chef Johanna Le Pape joined the acclaimed French cooking school “Alain Ducasse”, where she worked as a Baking and Pastry Chef instructor for future professionals.

Meet François Galtier

Since he won the Bronze Prize of the World Pastry Cup in 2009, Chef François Galtier’s technical advice has been very much in demand: he has coached several national teams and has worked as a pastry consultant around the world. Always been passionate about technique, flavours, emotions and design, Chef François Galtier’s pastries are very carefully and meticulously thought, created with attention to every detail. Aside the chocolate factory he runs in Belgium, Chef François Galtier provides Candia Professional with his expertise and eagerness to share his knowledge.

Thanks to him, Candia Professional has been able to develop innovative products such as Cream Cheese and to offer inspiring technical culinary training to dozens of Chefs worldwide.

Meet Jean-Thomas Schneider

Chef Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER is the only pastry Chef in the world who won both the World Pastry Cup and the Ice Cream World Cup! Son of a Chef and raised in a gourmet environment, Chef Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER naturally decides to become a pastry Chef at 16. After starting his career abroad, Jean-Thomas SCHNEIDER worked in several 3-Michelin-stars restaurants in France, before becoming Head Pastry Chef at the 1-Michelin-star restaurant La Tour d’Argent in Paris.

In 2015, he is selected to join the French national teams and won the World Pastry Cup in 2017 and the Ice Cream World Cup in 2018.

End of 2018, he won the Meilleur Ouvrier de France competition (MOF).

Meet Stéphane Vieux

Incredibly driven and talented, Stéphane VIEUX not only started studying pastry at the young age of 15, but he also won the French Junior Dessert Championship at 17.
This achievement granted him the opportunity to perfect his craft with renowned Chefs such as Guy Savoy or Pierre Hermé – an adventure that lead him to Japan with Pierre Hermé Tokyo in 2002. Having been working in such a detail-oriented and demanding environment for over 15 years, he pushed his skills and creativity to the next level focusing on flavour balance, texture and visual perfection.
In 2011, he opened his own Pastry and Chocolate Consulting Company named Sweet Secrets.

Meet Baptiste Villefranque

He began his career in pastry making in 2008 as a part of the famous French “Compagnons du Devoir” group, for which he worked during 6 years. He then assisted Alain Ducasse at Yssingeaux ENSP for one year.

As part of the jury at the Russian Pastry World Cup Selection, he executed and developed a unique style of dessert creations that are as trendy as they are inspiring.

He lives in Hong Kong as the executive pastry chef of W, a luxury Marriott Group hotel, where he continues to create innovative, authentic and exquisite creations.

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